BNC 50 Ohm Breakout Board with Rubber Feet


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  • Breaks out center and shield of BNC
  • Screw terminals for fast connections
  • Prototyping area for in-circuit modifications
  • Easy access for probing and debugging
  • Rubber feet provide a stable base
Wire Range (stranded):14-24 AWG
Wire Range (solid):14-24 AWG
Connector:BNC - 50 Ohm
Lead Free:Yes
Temperature Rating:-15°C to +70°C
This BNC breakout board provides a convenient method of accessing both the shield and center connections of a BNC connector. Both of the connections are brought out to a screw terminal for fast and secure termination to wires. This board also features a prototyping area to enable in-circuit modifications as well as easy probing/diagnostics. The prototyping grid has a standard 0.1" pattern to enable compatibility with a variety of components. The rubber feet on this model provide clearance for the connections on the bottom making it perfect for a lab environment where it can be placed directly on a bench.

Mechanical Drawing