2" x 6" Protoboard


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  • High quality FR4 can withstand high temperature soldering and re-work
  • Standard 0.1" pitch holes enable compatibility with a large variety of components
  • Rows are electrically connected for fast circuit creation
  • Four mounting holes allow for easy fixturing
Hole Pitch:0.1"
Hole Diameter:0.040"
Mounting Holes:4x - 0.125"
Surface Finish:ENIG
Lead Free:Yes
Temperature Rating:-30°C to +110°C

This protoboard is the perfect tool for quickly prototyping an electronic circuit or turning a breadboard prototype into something more permanent. These boards are completely lead free and made from high quality FR4 which can withstand high temperature soldering and re-work. The holes on this prototyping PCB have a standard 0.1" pitch to enable compatibility with a large variety of electronic components. The space between the power rails and the adjacent rows is 0.15". Each hole is electrically connected to a row of holes to make building circuits fast and easy. See the drawing below for a detailed view of the electrical connections on this board. Both sides of this board have solder mask, making it easier to control solder flow and prevent unintentional bridges.

Mechanical Drawing