SOT23-3 SMD to DIP Adapter


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  • Converts a SOT-23 SMD part to a DIP form factor
  • High quality PCB can withstand re-work
  • Enables SMD parts to be used with a breadboard
  • 0.1" pitch holes for standard headers
DIP Pitch:0.1"
SMD Package:SOT23-3
Lead Free:Yes
Temperature Rating:-30°C to +110°C

This SMD to DIP breakout board enables the easy conversion of a surface mount package to a DIP form factor. This adapter makes prototyping with surface mount parts fast and easy. Holes with a standard 0.1" pitch allow the board to work with common headers and enable SMD parts to be used in bread- boards and perfboards. This lead free board is made of high quality FR4 which can withstand high temperature soldering and re-work.

Mechanical Drawing