SOIC-28 / SOP-28 SMD to DIP Adapter


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  • Converts SOIC-28 / SOP-28 SMD parts to a DIP form factor
  • High quality PCB can withstand re-work
  • Enables SMD parts to be used with a breadboard
  • 0.1" pitch holes for standard headers
DIP Pitch:0.1"
SMD Package:SOIC-28/SOP-28
Lead Free:Yes
Temperature Rating:-30°C to +110°C

This SMD to DIP breakout board enables the easy conversion of a surface mount package to a DIP form factor. This adapter makes prototyping with surface mount parts fast and easy. Holes with a standard 0.1" pitch allow the board to work with common headers and enable SMD parts to be used in breadboards and perfboards. This lead free board is made of high quality FR4 which can withstand high temperature soldering and re-work.

Mechanical Drawing